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    We help borrowers throughout Florida find the best personal loan and lending options, from Jacksonville to Miami, Tampa to Orlando you can find the loans you need for your personal finance goals quickly here. Personal Loans and Guidelines For Lenders In Florida

    Applying for a personal loan can become a difficult task if one is not familiar with the process. The amount of information a person has to disclose may be intimidating and overwhelming. It is best for a person to do their research before applying for a personal loan so that they understand exactly what they need before making an appointment. In Florida like other states, there are rules and guidelines that applicants and lenders must follow. Before making any commitments a person should know what to expect in order to save time and money.

    The state of Florida has guidelines that need to be adhered to when it comes to banks, private lenders, etc. lending money. A personal loan in most cases will be different from a home loan and it can be used for things like, tuition, business start-up costs, family emergencies, etc. Two of the most common types of personal loans are; unsecured and secured loans. Secured loans require the applicant to use a personally owned property as collateral. If payment is not paid, the collateral then becomes property of the lender. An unsecured loan is a loan where there is no collateral used but usually comes with a higher interest rate because the lender is taking a higher risk.

    Like other states a person must first qualify for the personal loan before receiving payment. Many factors such as; credit score, income, payment history, and employment will play a role in determining if a person is eligible for a loan. It is important to know one’s credit score before applying for a personal loan because a poor credit score will negatively affect the interest rate on the loan. It is also important that a person knows if there are any discrepancies on their credit report because this too, could keep one from being able to obtain a personal loan. Knowing one’s credit score and credit report will make a big difference in the type of loan they will qualify for.

    Many private lenders and banks in Florida have a cap amount as to how much amount they can lend to clients. In banks, most amounts range from $1000-$50,000 and this will vary depending on the bank. Private lending amounts tend to have a cap amount of $500-$10,000 and this will vary on the size of the private lender as well. Many of the repayment plans for both banks and private lenders will have a set amount of payment dates such as; 12, 24, 36, or 48. The penalty for being late on a payment may be severe with an extremely high late fee.

    When making the decision to apply for a personal loan in Florida, it is best to do all the necessary research before applying. One should know the loan amount they are seeking before beginning the loan application process so as to not take on more than needed. Since interest rates tend to run high on personal loans, a person does not want to be stuck with an overwhelming payment amount for a long period of time.
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